Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wrestling with Angels

The Damned took a lot out of me. Originally slated on my calendar for an early March eighth release date with a preorder date of March twenty-eighth, the story expanded from three chapters to six, doubling in length. The style marked a return to two genres I've written the most for online, Romance/Angst.
There is one dedication, very rare since I never do dedications unless it's my fellow fanfiction writers or a person who directly inspired the story. Acknowledgements are nil as well as not a single so-called friend of mine lifted a finger to help bring this story or any of the other published works to life.

The theme of the book is questioning the fate of a young man who Evelyn shares an undefinable bond with.
Is he damned for his actions or by a fault not his own? 
Throughout the book, there are references to the Biblical incident of Jacob wrestling the Angel beside the river. Laurence's son's name is Jacob; is Laurence the one who compiled file 302 after his friend's death? Why did he leave the BPS over twenty years ago? How did Evelyn's father die? Why was Zac after the file 302 was switched with? All these questions and more continue into the next book The Accursed coming Summer 2014. A special video preview of The Accursed will be posted in a few days as well as the unveiling of Book 4's cover.

See you then :)


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